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My Writer Bio

I am an Army veteran who is currently a student and standup comedian. This unique lens provides me with a fresh focus and one of a kind method of writing. I have been a writer for over ten years, writing both comedy and non-comedy pieces. My serious topics include enhanced interrogation, sexism in the comic book industry, and the effect of media violence on young adults. My comedy work includes articles on social networking, video games, comparing Superman and Batman, and a particularly blistering review of the restaurant Denny's.

I am a skilled writer with a unique point of view. In addition, I am extremely punctual. The last time I was late for anything was March 3rd, 2005, on my second day of basic training. My Drill Sergeant explained to me (aggressively) why being on time is important, and I took the lesson to heart.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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