What are the best Netflix Comedians that you're missing out on?

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When you open up Netflix and start to browse through all of the comedies, you might get overwhelmed. Who are the best Netflix comedians and where should I start? Well, today, we are here to answer that question for you!

1. John Mulaney's "The Comeback Kid"

Mulaney came out with his first special 3 years ago called "New in Town," which includes rich storytelling and is absolutely packed to the brim with jokes. Yet, if you're looking to see the cream of the crop, watch "The Comeback Kid" as Mulaney has refined his comedic sensibility and timing over the last years and has come out with this hilarious and polished comedy special. If you are just getting into stand-up comedy, check out this special.

2. Louis CK "Live at the Beacon Theater"

Louis CK has been rising through the comedic ranks for the last couple years and is not only one of best Netflix comedians, but one of the best comedians in the industry. His unabashed approach towards topics while still maintaining a light and engaging atmosphere pulls you into his stand-up. He is so comfortable on stage and that makes the audience feel comfortable and allows them to shrug off any off the strong points of view that he may have. If you’re a fan of his show, then you will definitely find joy within this stand-up special!

3. Chelsea Peretti “One of the Greats”

Peretti, who is also a star on the show Brooklyn 99, has an amazing comic sensibility. Her sense of dry humor lends to jokes that span across the board. The breath of fresh air from her comedy is that she spans out and talks about things that other comedians don’t touch. She isn’t stuck in the “so about that airplane food, right” format. Give it a little time to gain steam in this comedy special and you’ll be happy you stayed.

4. Aziz Ansari “Live at Madison Square Garden”

This guy is on top of his game right now. It’s like watching Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods during their height. To give you a sense of this, he is selling out night after night at Madison Square Garden! Aziz gained fame and recognition from Parks and Recreation and now has his own show Master of None, but he’s been present within the comedy scene for a couple years now. Aziz’s sharp wit and incredible insight into topics such as immigration allow the audience to laugh along while still seeing a new perspective. Check it out and be amazed!

5. Demetri Martin “Live *at the time”

No, that’s not a typo, that’s actually the name of this comedy special! If you have been following Demetri’s career, you can see he gained fame from using a board where he had drawn pictures to carry the weight of a lot of his jokes. He then used this format and carried it over to a television show. This time, he’s dropping that and treading new ground as a comedian. In these short, contained jokes, Demetri manages to pack a lot of laughing power! Go laugh!

All of these are just a sample of the best comedians right now and will give you a great foundation for looking for other comedians and checking out their styles!

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