What should be used for a comedians source of material?

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Its my belief as a purveyor of comedy, and one who appreciates the nature of it, that most comedians have an untapped source for material. Whether it is doing a stand-up act, taking a role in a comedic film, or simply writing a blog, there is a well of material that I rarely see tapped. That material is current events!

There are stories all day long across the web that highlight the foolishness of people. Taking popular stories and twisting them into a comedic rendering, yields the best laughs in my opinion. Why? It is because people tend to find more humor in something they can relate to, and especially if they know what youre talking about. Sure, jokes will always be funny, but it's the delivery and the content that we rely on as an audience to gauge whether or not we deem that joke funny or not.

People come to expect a punchline with a joke, yet, with something like current events, there's no telling where a comedian can take it, and it's that which keeps the fans on the edge of their proverbial seats yearning for more. This works best with current events because people know the true outcome of what occurred. With a unique and fresh twist on the meaning of what occurred, it can therefore be interpreted differently and in turn, viewed as funny and something one wouldn't usually think about.

I have personally written a blog exemplifying this very phenomena. I used to write a blog titled "As It So Happens" where I did this for a while. I took your average, run of the mill article from various sites, and twisted it into my own form of humor. Now, the normal article may not have yielded even a chuckle or a grin, but my spin on it certainly did. I accumulated many "followers" on the site who often expressed their eagerness for more. You can view my blog at www.jpzthoughts.blogspot.com. I havent contributed to it for a little while due to other engagements and a defficiency of time, but I hope to get back to it soon with all new material.

With the hustle and bustle we all experience in everyday life, it is vital we find the time to laugh once in a while. We often rely on movies, tv, books and of course comedians, to satisfy our insatiable appetite for the humorous. Anyone can tell a joke, but how many people can truly develop the humor in an otheriwse serious situation? It's this skill that truly helps people forget about that mortgage payment ,or that irritable boss at work, or any other burdens we deal with as part of our daily lives. We can all probably rattle off a joke or two from our favorite comedian, but how many of those jokes are some variation of ones we've all heard before?

The modern day comedian has plenty of other sources for which to derive their humor rather than the reliable go-to's like the momma jokes and such

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