Why did Richard Jeni commit suicide?

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He may have been one of the funniest comedians of our time (forgive me for not providing a distinction between "comedienne" and "comedian" – it gets too confusing to me and besides, I think "comedian" has become a unisex term now anyway). He was on Comedy Central's list of 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time. He was Platypus Man, A Good Catholic Boy, and A Big Steaming Pile of [Himself]. He was Richard Jeni. The world of comedy got a lot less funny March 10, 2007 – the day Jeni stopped joking.

Why Jeni shot himself in the face – no one really knows. Someone once wrote, “At the summit of depression stands the final moment of despair”...actually, it was I who wrote that...just now.

But I digress...as it was so revealed, Richard Jeni suffered from severe depression. He was psychotic, paranoid, and apparently – had trouble sleeping. Though none of this stopped him from being the proverbial feather millions of adoring fans swallowed at his shows, movies and talk-show appearances.His girlfriend overheard him talking to himself some time before the act. Chillingly, he muttered, “just squeeze the trigger.” If that wasn’t a warning sign...

To me, it seems: 1. Those around him knew of his condition and 2. Saw signs that something might occur to make him stroll down a path that was less than healthy. Alas – he’s taken his secret to the grave and where I can’t help but feel sad about the loss – I’m sure he’s in platypus heaven...cracking up the furry little vertebrates.

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